Friday, 18 April 2014

CRUSH: Skinny Paper

I have always been a huge fan of the work by Heather from Skinny Laminx. Her fabrics are bold in colour and retro mod in style. This week Heather announced some exciting news...Skinny Laminx teamed up with Chronicle Books to create some gorgeous stationery. I LOVE STATIONERY! And Heather's range is just plain delicious. Check it out...

The collection features a notecard pack, notebook collection and a fabulous label & sticker book.

The notecard set features gorgeous prints in 70's style colours and includes some cute envelops. Great for any occasion.

I am dying to get a set of the notebooks to add to my collection. Each book features a printed inner cover with lined pages.

And possibly my favourite the completely sweet label and sticker book. Here is a peep inside...

Isn't the range just utterly divine? If you want to get your hands on these wonderful papergoods visit Heather's store at 201 Bree Street or pre-order online from Amazon.

Happy note taking!


Monday, 7 April 2014

DIY: Leather Cat Collar

I'm one of those cat owners who only wants the best for my furry friend. And the best includes looking stylish too. We live in a complex so there are plenty of other cats around and tons of places for Mr. Max to wander off to, so for us a collar is a must (plus he's microchipped too). All the collars i have tried in the past end up being fluffy from being scratched or licked by kitty. Long story short they look awful so I decided to make him a stylish leather one. Here's how you can make one for your fur baby at home...

You will need:

- scraps of leather (preferably something softish)
- buckle
- solid dee
- rivets
- steel ruler
- scissors
- hole punch (I used my paper one as my leather was on the thinner side)
- cutting mat
- marker
- hammer
- blade (optional - depending on the leather you choose)

Here's a close up of the "findings" you will need. Ask around in your leather or craft store for ones in the size you need depending on how wide you want your collar and the thickness of your leather scrap.

Step 1: Measure the length of leather you need by measuring an existing collar. Remember to add an extra 80mm to allow for attaching the buckle. You can always trim this back afterwards if need be.

Step 2: Draw out the strip you will need on the "wrong" side of your leather.

Step 3: Cut out your strip using scissors.

Step 4: Thread your strip through your solid dee, leave about a fingers space and then thread on your buckle. Make sure you have about 30mm sticking out of your buckle on the side opposite your dee. This part will get folded back to fasten your rivets onto.
*Note: I removed the "pin" from my buckle so that if my kitty gets stuck in a tree the collar will slip loose and undo itself.

Step 5: Punch a hole through the front face of the strip about 5mm away from your dee and another in between your dee and your buckle.

Step 6: Fold back the excess piece of strip and mark your fastening holes through the original holes with a marker. Once you have finished marking the position of your holes, punch them out.

Step 7: With your leather folded over so your holes line up insert the post end of the rivet from the back and clip on the cap. Hammer into place. Now repeat on the other hole.

And there you have it...a really easy kitty collar. Quite the difference right?!

Happy leather-working!

P.S: You don't have a cat or a dog? Why not use the tutorial to make some cute bracelets for yourself!

Thursday, 13 March 2014

FREEBIE: Confetti Wallpaper

Confetti always reminds me of a celebration. So why not bring a little party to your desktop with this confetti wallpaper.

Simply click on the image above to go to the download page. Click "download" then set the image as your desktop wallpaper the same way you normally would. It's as easy as that.

Happy desktop party!


Saturday, 8 March 2014

OUTING: West Coast Nature Reserve

Life has been a little hectic around here the past couple of weeks. So when friends asked us to go on a one day road trip we were definitely excited. Where to you ask? Well, West Coast Nature Reserve...ocean on the one side and bush for miles on the other with a large azure coloured lagoon in the middle. It is literally as heavenly as it sounds.

I mean just look at the colour of that water...

We had a super delicious crayfish braai with some bubbles, followed by a swim and tan on the lagoon beach.

It was such a fantastic day out in the sun away from the city for a change. There is a small fee you have pay to enter the park but it is definitely worth it. If ever you get the opportunity to visit there pounce on will not regret it.


Friday, 28 February 2014


Last month I started a new series here on the blog called PINTREND, based on images I've pinned on Pinterest. This month's Pintrend is Bar Carts. They are coming back in a huge way and I would love to create one at home. They are great for when you have quests or just want to experiment with new drink ideas at home. Plus they look pretty Great-Gatsby-elegant too don't they?!

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

Keen to set up one of your own? Then read this handy guide for stocking a cart for every budget.


Wednesday, 19 February 2014

INSPIRE: Cockatoo

The past week or so has been insanely hot in Cape Town. And although it did rain today I still dream of lazing on the beach or at the poolside. This fella inspired me to put together a sunny outfit...

a salmon-crested cockatoo by joel sartore

1) Swimsuit from Topshop
2) Hat from e4 Hats
3) Sunnies from Polette
4) Sarong from Jets
5) Backpack from Topshop
6) Sandals from Dorothy Perkins

I love the pops of tangerine.

Happy sunning!


Tuesday, 18 February 2014

CRUSH: Aimee Sicuro

Today's CRUSH is all about these cute whimsical illustrations by artist Aimee Sicuro. Aren't they just adorable in the way they capture a moment?

central park
You can get all of these illustrations from her beautiful Etsy shop Weather Girl plus Aimee does custom work too.

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