Thursday, 11 October 2012

CRUSH: Neon Pink

As 80's as neon pink is, it is making a HUGE comeback and I see it popping up all over the net. There are plenty of ways you can bring pops of pink into your life. Its especially sexy when paired with neutrals. Here are some of my favs...

1. Arches pillow by AQUAdoor Designs
2. Gorgeous Micheal Kors tote from Neiman Marcus
3. Salad bowls by Wind & Willow Home
4. Plant hanger from My Very Own Eye Goggles
5. Ampersand by Ampersand Shop
6. Thonet chair from ABC Home

This DIY from The Proper Pinwheel is a fantastic way to bring neon pink into your home...

And if I had complete say over how our home would be decorated my studio would definitely get this treatment seen over at That's Happy.

Anyone else loving the neon trend?



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