Friday, 5 October 2012

DIY: Delicate gemstone bracelet

One of the things I love crafting in my spare time is jewellery. So for this DIY I thought I would show you how to create this beautiful delicate bracelet.

These are the supplies you will need:

- gemstone beads (I chose Pyrite, I love its antique gold colour)
- a finding (putting little dangles on bracelets adds a bit of whimsy)
- lobster clasp
- 3 jumprings
- jewellery wire
- chain cut into two sections (cut the length according to your wrist)
- pliers and wire cutters

Step 1: Take your rolling pliers and make a loop on one end of the piece of jewellery wire

Step 2: Link one end of one of the pieces of chain through the loop

Step 3: Close the loop using your point nose pliers

Step 4: Thread beads onto jewellery wire

Step 5: Loop the other end of the wire once all the beads are on (trim excess of first if necessary). Repeat steps 2 + 3 with the other piece of chain

Step 6: Using one jumpring attach the lobster clasp to the end of one of the pieces of chain

Step 7: Using another jumpring and attach it to the end of the opposite piece of chain. Close the ends of the jumpring together as this will act as the loop for your clasp to close on.

Step 8: Attach the last jumpring to the finding and then to the previous jumpring. Your bracelet should look something like this...

I hope you enjoy making your own little bracelet. Try it with different colour and size stones. And dont be afraid to wear all your bracelets at once...



Josh McCreery said...

Pyrite is a good type of gem stone, I also like it composition. I also enjoy creating my personalized accessories and I often use turquoise gems. It's a rare type of gem and has been very popular in ancient years. Have you heard about it?

Stephanie said...

Josh I love turquoise stones. I have used them before in my jewellery too. I especially love when they have inclusions of copper in them...

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