Monday, 22 October 2012

TRAVEL: Dolomites, Italy

A couple of days ago I mentioned our trip to Bolzano last year and about the stunning mountain villages and forests. Well Mr. F and I recently visited his family in Italy...again. Whilst there we visited Paolina on of the majestic mountains part of the Dolomites range.

We took the ski lift to the top. Unfortunately there was no snow, so no skiing.

The view was amazing! This photo doesn't even describe the extent of the beauty...

There might not have been snow but it was still awfully cold. Our solution...warm coffee!

Mr. F capturing the view...

It was such a fantastic experience to be up amongst the clouds, in the fresh unspoiled air. Isn't there just something regal about mountains? The Dolomites definitely own a part of my heart.



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