Saturday, 17 November 2012

CRUSH: Black + White

Ah black and white...what a timeless classic! I love how easy it is to mix anything black and white together. It even makes mixing patterns together easier, whether its around the home or in your wardrobe. There is also a new black and white craze I apparel! Personally I wouldn't dress in crazy pink and purple with day-glo prints (well maybe) but my point is that why shouldn't kids dress sophisticated?! In honour of my new crush I put together a little person outfit for us to swoon over.

1) Sneakers from Nordstrom
2) Tee from Bambinos & Bunny
3) Harem pants from Bambinos & Bunny
4) Dingaring from Teeter Totter Kids Emporium
5) Long sleeve wrap top from Noé + Zoë

Cute right! And I want it in adult size!



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