Thursday, 15 November 2012

TRAVEL: Ocean Park, Hong Kong

In March this year I went to China for work and Mr. F was lucky enough to come along. We had a fantastic time but one of our fondest memories (other than our engagement) is of Ocean Park in Hong Kong. There is tons to do there...a massive aquarium, a panda sanctuary, goldfish aquarium, not to mention the cable car that takes you up to all the rollercosters and a dolphin and seal show. It is unlike anything we have here in South are some of my favourite pics.

The devil-rays doing their circuit in the main aquarium...I love how it looks like they are flying.

One of the parks two giant pandas munching on lunch. To think something so large can live off bamboo.

They also have two red pandas. So adorably cute...

Gorgeous goldfish lanterns at the goldfish aquarium.

The dolphins putting on a show. They really are so intelligent.

Coming down in the cable car overlooking the other half of the park.

Ocean Park is truly an is well worth visiting if you are in Hong Kong. Just make sure to allow plenty of time to wander around and do a couple of rides too.



S. Gamboa said...

That was a great fun in Ocean Park HK.

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