Friday, 19 April 2013

DIY: Chalkboard Bunting with Cat Morley

A couple of months ago I was approached by the lovely Cat Morley to be a Crafty Superstar on her amazing craft resource and community...Cut Out + Keep. I was delighted and said yes, of course! And now Cat has offered to share a little about her journey as well as an absolutely gorgeous reusable bunting DIY with you. Take it away Cat...

Stephanie: What inspired you to start a craft blog and what inspired you to build it into the craft resource it is today?

Cat: Cut Out + Keep started as my craft blog while I was at University in Scotland. I was making all kinds of new crafts to save money, decorate our new flat and learn to cook full meals for the first time, so I decided to share the tutorials and recipes as I went along. After posting over 250 of my own projects, my readership was booming and crafters all over the world started sending me photos of their versions of my crafts. Tom then decided to build a custom uploader so that I could quickly add step-by-step photos and instructions. When it was finished, we realised we'd created something helpful and unique and decided to open my blog up in to a community where everyone could make and share ideas.

Stephanie: What inspires you most in the craft world? And what are your favourite things to craft?

Cat: I find inspiration everywhere and I'm always scribbling down ideas while watching movies, browsing the web or out-and-about. Everyone laughs at me because I never buy things I like in shops, because I know I could make them myself at home. My favourite crafts are sewing and jewelry-making, as I love projects I can wear and show-off afterwards. There's nothing more satisfying than being asked where I bought something that I've made!

Stephanie: If you could give any advice to someone new to crafting, what would it be?

Cat: Start with a simple craft, like customising something you already own, and pick a project you're excited about so that you'll be determined to finish. Making an accessory or piece of jewelry is great because you'll get a lot of wear out of it when it's finished and can show it off to your friends and inspire them to craft with you!

And now for Cat's gorgeous bunting DIY...

I've been obsessed with chalkboard paint recently and when trying to come up with a fun decoration for our bookcase, the idea of chalkboard bunting came to mind! It's perfect because I can change the message from Happy Birthday to Merry Christmas, depending on the season or our mood.

Here is what you will need:

- thin wood
- chalkboard paint
- a paintbrush
- string
- hole punch
- chalk

Step 1: Start by cutting triangles out of thin wood. We used some scrap shipping wood that came as packaging with a piece of furniture. You can buy wood triangles in craft shops, if you struggle to find a piece that works well. You'll need about 12 triangles to be able to write a nice long message.

Step 2: Paint your triangles with a coat of chalkboard paint and leave to dry.

Step 3: Paint a second coat of paint and leave to dry again.

Step 4: Punch a hole at either side of the top of the triangle. My wood was thin enough to use a hole punch.

Step 5: Loop some string through the hole.

Step 6: Secure at the back with a knot and then string through the second hole, securing with another knot.

Step 7: Leave a small length of string between each triangle and continue threading them all on to the string.

Step 8: Now the fun part. Write on your bunting with chalk. I used a ruler to give mine a neat outline, but you can decorate yours however you like!

And you're done! Hang up and admire your handy work!

Check out Cat's bunting hard at work in their new Google video...

Thanks so much Cat, the bunting is too cute and can I just say...that book still my heart!



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