Friday, 25 October 2013

INSPIRE: Carrots don't always grow straight

Twitter is branded a social network but sometimes it can be inspiring too. And I'm not talking about the cheesy quote vibe, I'm talking about the time I found this...

Inspiring right?! I think all of us need to take a carrot out of Matt's veggie patch. We should all strive to bring natural local food back into our lives, better yet grow it yourself...remember this?

More importantly I want you to take away the fact that you control your environment and your life. Try do more of what makes you happy!

If you want to see more of Matt's cool stuff check out his blog Curate This Space plus his delicious looking Instagram feed is well worth following.

Now go be inspired!



Matt Allison said...

Ah shucks, thanks for the kind words Stephanie.

Stephanie Lazzarotto said...

Only a pleasure Matt :)

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