Thursday, 17 October 2013

TRAVEL: Italy Part 2: Venice

On Tuesday I took a little day trip to Venice. My husband is currently doing a course here so a friend of his played tour guide for the day. The weather wasn't the best, overcast and cold, but at least it didn't rain. We took the train to Venice from Mestre where we parked, the train literally takes 5 mins. Once we got out of the train station there were stalls selling freshly roasted chestnuts. I had never tasted them before but now I'm addicted. Buttery smooth roasted nutty goodness.

At the same stall and all over Venice they were selling bunches of fresh chillies displayed to look like the most beautiful giant bunch.

Stunning right?! Our first stop was the famous Rialto Bridge.

A view of the main canal taken through the pillars of the bridge.

We then took the canal crossing gondola to grab a spot of lunch. We went to a teeny tiny spot tucked away down one of the side streets near the veggie and fish market of Rialto Bridge...Trattoria Antico Pizzo.

The food was excellent and well priced which is always a bonus. I had a scrumptious pasta with tuna, olives and tomato sauce. Yum!

After lunch we made our way to Piazza San Marco, world renowned for flooding during the Acqua Alta.

This is the iconic facade of the Doge's Palace bordering the square...

Three of the icons of Piazza San Marco...the Doge's Palace (right), Campanile (centre) and the Lion of Venice (left)

The piazza is also home to the St. Mark's Basilica. Which is beyond stunning inside with its golden glass mosaic vaulted ceilings. Unfortunately they are performing maintenance on the front facade of the basilica so I snapped a shot from the side showing two of the domes.

Two of the many piazza's resident pigeons with the mosaic depicting the Last Judgment above the entrance of the basilica in the background.

And not to forget the gondola "port" at the edge of the piazza...

After snapping some shots in the piazza we went to Caffè Del Doge for some seriously delicious coffee.

We slowly made our way back to the train but not without a stop at the patisserie first. Look at these gorgeous "fruit" in the window.

The view from the bridge at the train station.

I had a great day out with my private tour guide. I recommend Venice to anyone traveling to Italy, just be aware that it is always packed with people. Also make sure you look down the side streets for restaurants and coffee bars as these are always much cheaper than eating on a main street or piazza. But still I cannot wait to visit this beautiful city again in the future.

Ciao for now lovelies!



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