Friday, 3 January 2014

CRUSH: 2014 Diaries & Calendars

One of the things I look forward to most in a new year is getting a new diary. I love how the fresh pages of a new diary help solidify that feeling that a new year with endless possibilities is here. So today I created a little round up of super cute diaries and calendars for you...

1) A6 Inspire Diary from KikkiK
2) Produce Calendar from Leif
3) Floral Calendar from Rifle Paper Co.
4) Delightful Diary from Joules
5) Gold Buffalo Diary from Typo
6) Prisms Calendar from Moorea Seal

My favourites would have to be the diary from KikkiK and the calendar from Rifle Paper Co. When it comes to diaries the more fun, colourful and cute, the better! That way I'm more inclined to want to use them.

Happy organizing!


P.S. this post on the KikkiK Blog has some great tips for organizing your diary.


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