Tuesday, 25 August 2015

TRAVEL: Thailand 3.0

Hello my lovelies! It's been a long time since I shared a travel post here on the blog. We just returned from an amazing trip to Thailand so I thought I'd share some of our highlights. And although it was my third time visiting there, we had friends with us who were experiencing their first trip overseas. So everything felt new to me. We also did some fun things I never got to do on previous trips.

We started in Phuket and although we expected the usual Thai sun we had a few days of rain caused by the typhoon in Taiwan. That didn't hold us back though - I mean it was still almost 30°C and coming from 10°C back home we weren't gonna stay indoors.

We took a day trip to the Big Buddha with a tuk-tuk (much cheaper than a taxi and the driver stopped anywhere we wanted along the way).

The Buddha itself is amazing...the entire facade of the buddha consists of marble mosaic tiles and is MASSIVE.

The following day we rented a topless Jeep to circumnavigate the island of Phuket. Ain't it cute?!

We stopped at a few beaches along the way and just spent the day cruising.

I can highly recommend this experience - just be sure you have someone who is a fearless driver to drive and that you get your vehicle from someone reputable.

Luckily we did have a few sun-shiny days whilst on Phuket. That means only one thing...beach time!

We did some diving around this beautiful island...and got to encounter some reef sharks and a cheeky turtle too.

After our few days on Phuket we made our way to Phi Phi Island for the last few days of our trip.

We spent our time there chilling on the beach and lounging at the pool. At night we hung out at Carlito's Bar every night to watch the insanely mesmerising fire show, which is a must if you visit the island.

We had an amazing trip and the island treated us to this sunset on our last day.

And although I'm happy to be home I miss Thailand already.

Happy travels!


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